Profit-sharing within an agency organization

I’m re-exploring profit-sharing at Lucid.

Does anyone have great examples of simple, well-structured bonus plans, phantom stock options, profit-sharing, etc. for digital agencies?

It’s tough to come up with equitable incentive programs that work for our market when so much of our inspiration comes from unicorn SaaS companies with massive passive recurring revenue streams that we simply don’t have in an agency.

In addition to caring for my team as humans, which is a continual work-in-progress on my part, I’m constantly thinking about ways to help them feel included and valued in their contributions to the financial growth of the company—while also ensuring whatever we offer is scalable and sustainable and fair to the whole team.

What are other agencies doing in this area? Who’s doing a really good job? If you don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly, feel free to message me privately.

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