Are you striving to be a master of your digital craft? Where is your community?

I have a question for all you amazing, inspiring, creative, talented professionals who spend your days on-the-tools, so to speak, as part of a team—doing the deep work.

Those of you who don’t run your own companies or work in sales or partnerships or marketing.

Those of you who are masters of your craft in a wider team with managers and team leads and colleagues—designers, developers, strategists, project managers, account managers, data wranglers….

So many of the communities (online and offline), podcasts, meetups, events, etc. are targeted at founders and freelancers and people in leadership roles.

My question is: for those of you working on teams within a larger company, do you feel you have a community outside your team? Is this something you long for—or is it not so important?

I often reflect on the loneliness of the journey for founders but I am curious to understand if this is an issue for those of you working in teams as well?

Do you also struggle with self-doubt, being recognized, imposter syndrome, a constant drive for learning and self-improvement?

I feel that as founders, we have amazing communities, events, and resources. But I often wonder if all the amazing people who work for us have the same sense of community and support networks—or if the journey being part of a team is just as challenging and lonely at times.

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