If your ROAS is slipping, it’s not too late to optimize brand positioning, content, and storytelling!

If you’re increasing ad spend going into the holidays, be sure to check ROAS (across all campaigns and channels!) to ensure you’re not losing more money the more you sell.

If your ROAS is slipping, check the strength and cohesiveness of your brand positioning, imagery, content, and storytelling across all acquisition channels, landing pages, conversion funnels, and retention channels.

While this should have been done well before the holidays, it’s not too late to address low-hanging fruit now. But, you have to be decisive and bold.

Step back and look at your brand from the perspective of new and existing customers—and imagine that they have all your competitors open in other tabs. If you’re not the obvious best choice and it’s not crystal clear why they should buy from you, rewrite your headlines and copy and switch around your imagery to focus on what makes you unique and special.

Reduce fluffy filler copy if it’s doesn’t say what you do. Replace images that are pretty but don’t showcase your special magic. Get rid of sections that take up space and add noise if they don’t enhance your story. Be ruthless and focused—but be authentic!

Imagine you have 5 seconds to capture their attention and convert them from “I’ve never heard of this company” to “I love them so much I’ll buy whatever they’re selling!”

None of this matters, of course, if your audiences and targeting and segmentation are not well-optimized. But, that’s a lot harder to fix quickly and likely requires you to liaise with different marketing teams, who are likely working in silos—something that should have been addressed months ago. (Make a note to address this first thing in Q1 so you’re better prepared next year!)

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