How can you expect to produce beauty and harmony if your marketing team isn’t “singing from the same song sheet”?

Have you been struggling to exceed (or even hit) your ROAS, AOV, CPA, CTR, LTV, or any other marketing-related ecommerce goals?

There are so many things to focus on, it’s overwhelming—especially if you’re also running your company.

It’s easy to get so distracted by the technical complexities and nuances of modern online marketing that you lose sight of the forest through the trees.

You probably have different people responsible for each piece of your marketing puzzle—paid and organic search, social, email—and you probably don’t have a CMO or anyone fully dedicated or with adequate time or headspace to unify them and hold it all together with a well-considered strategy.

In fact, not only do you not have someone responsible for executing a well-considered strategy, it’s likely you don’t have a well-considered strategy to begin with. Because everything is changing too quickly and/or you and your team haven’t had a chance to put one together.

So, you have a group of specialists—with varying levels of expertise—working in silos to adjust and optimize the levers they’re responsible for. They’re doing their best but no one sees the whole picture. And they don’t have a common vision or strategy or roadmap they’re working off.

Your marketing team is like an orchestra trying to play a symphony without a conductor—or even a musical score.

If you’re not all “singing from the same song sheet”, how can you produce beauty and harmony?

When was the last time you stepped back and looked at your brand positioning and your brand story? Not just your headline positioning statement but across your entire marketing funnel?

How clearly defined is your purpose? What is your North Star? Even if it’s defined, is everyone aware of it?

Is your entire team aware of and aligned on your identity, what makes you unique and special, how you compare to and exceed your competitors, what your customers love about you, what you care about, and what drives you to always do better?

Do you have a clear “story” that threads this all together?

Is it as clear and simple and concise as possible?

In order to maximize marketing performance, you need to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message.

When they visit your site, the message needs to be consistent with and enhance what they saw in the ad or post.

You have a brief, fleeting moment to capture their attention, intrigue them, make them curios enough to take action, and then engage them enough to capture their hearts and imagination.

You have to assume they know nothing about your brand and that they’re looking at all your competitors in the same fleeting moments of initial curiosity.

Your “story” has to be so simple that the fundamentals of who you are and what makes you the best is conveyed and understood in 5 seconds or less!

If you haven’t defined the essence of your brand and pared it down to its most elegant core, you’ll continue to pay for traffic that doesn’t convert, post social content that doesn’t engage, overspend on paid marketing, and underperform on conversions and sales.

And, remember, you’re not aiming for perfect—you’re aiming for continuous improvement.

It’s important you stay lean and nimble in all that you do so you can iterate and experiment and adapt and evolve as you find your rhythm and voice.

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