Are New Zealand mobile carriers out of touch?

With two days remaining before my contract rolls over, this month I have used:

  • 2,112mb of 1,948mb data*
  • 90 of 300 minutes
  • 54 of 2,500 texts

I am with Vodafone—and don’t know if other carriers are better but—it seems to me these mobile plans are totally out of touch with how we use our devices.

I clearly don’t send a lot of SMS messages (possibly due to iMessage) and I don’t make a lot of voice calls (due in part to Skype no doubt) but I don’t think twice about using my mobile to access the internet, stream music, watch videos etc—regardless of whether I am on wifi or 3G.

I obviously need to be more careful.

*I had to pay $12 for a 500mb “add-on” to get through the last two days of my contract.

Surely there are more data-focused plans for smartphone users.

2GB a month just isn’t enough.

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