What is the best Shopify agency—based purely on their positioning statement?

A couple of years ago, I was doing some repositioning work for my Shopify Plus agency—and I thought we were doing well with a positioning statement like, “We design and build beautiful, functional websites for authentic brands.”

To validate my direction, I pulled up the 57 or so Shopify Plus agencies at the time and scrolled through their sites. My heart sank…. It quickly became clear that all of us were saying more or less the same thing. On the face of it, there was very little differentiation between us.

Everyone specialized in “authentic” or “growing” or “ambitious” or “purpose-driven” brands.

If you were one of these brands, how would you choose which agency to work with? Who was truly an industry expert with genuine, deep expertise that would serve your needs?

Well, here we are at the start of 2023, and I am in a new phase of repositioning.

I have rounded up the positioning statements for all the (English-speaking) Shopify and Shopify Plus agencies I know of or can find—and I am sharing them here.

As you scroll down the list, you will notice that there are very few that you would bookmark or reach out to based on their positioning statements alone—let alone be able to identify.

If you see some you resonate with and want to know who they are, feel free to reach out, and I will be happy to share.

If you are an agency leader, can you identify your agency in this list?

Positioning statements of the top Shopify agencies

  1. We make ecommerce painless
  2. A full-service Shopify Plus agency driving digital transformation.
  3. We help you make more money. Without spending more money on advertising! Let us show you how…
  4. Your eCommerce Growth Agency
  5. Digital commerce agency
  6. Building brave digitial brands into enduring classics
  7. A Shopify Plus Partner dedicated to solving your unique business needs.
  8. Your Shopify Plus Growth Partner
  9. Shopify Plus Enterprise Solutions
  10. Welcome to Argon
  11. We help ambitious brands on Shopify connect deeper and convert with ease.
  12. An eCommerce agency that builds & optimizes customer experiences for high-growth brands
  13. We are your brand’s ecommerce success agency
  14. Shopify Plus Partner eCommerce agency
  15. Shopify Plus solutions start here.
  16. The Shopify Plus agency for the world’s most design-conscious luxury brands.
  17. Lightning Fast ⚡ Shopify & Recharge Developers
  18. Trusted Ecommerce and Shopify Agency.
  19. Award winning ecommerce development for the most forward-thinking brands.
  20. We save ecommerce retailers from outdated tech & ineffective operations
  21. We build modern ecommerce
  22. We build the world’s fastest, most flexible digital storefronts for growing brands.
  23. Createur of new habits
  24. Award Winning Shopify Agency
  25. Turn your Shopify store into a revenue generating powerhouse of persuation
  26. We partner with our clients to create stunning websites that are exceptionally effective.
  27. An eCommerce agency for luxury, fashion and beauty brands.
  28. Supercharging eCommerce & building future-proof digital products
  29. We help ecommerce companies grow on Shopify and Klaviyo
  30. A Conversion-Focused Agency and eCommerce Powerhouse
  31. Growth always begins with… a spark!
  32. We are a collaborative agency focused on building, growing, and guiding the next generation of ecommerce companies.
  33. Let's make your product a success
  34. Memorable Websites That Sell
  35. Shopify Experts. Web development. E-commerce consulting.
  36. Shopify Agency. Brands That Go Deeper.
  37. Your full service digital team for marketing e-commerce and design
  38. We are Shopify designers/developers/conversion experts/marketing experts/Plus experts
  39. We design and build highly-scalable, cost-effective Shopify stores that maximize flexibility and minimize complexity and technical debt
  40. Memorable e-commerce experiences.
  41. Shopify development company
  42. Jamstack & E-commerce Agency.
  43. We are a Shopify Plus Agency Partner.
  44. We help ambitious brands build sustainable and scalable growth
  45. We launch the world’s top direct-to-consumer brands.
  46. We create beautiful and functional ecommerce experiences for amazing brands on Shopify.
  47. The Bay Area’s Top Shopify Plus Web Development Agency
  48. Websites + Ecommerce. Bespoke UX & cutting edge digital storytelling.
  49. Shopify Plus Specialists & European E-commerce Agency of the Year
  50. The Award-Winning Shopify Plus agency you'll wish you found sooner.
  51. We build businesses
  52. Born digital. Raised by the internet. Now helping businesses thrive in a world of technology.
  53. We design, develop, and nurture authentic, memorable digital experiences
  54. We are one of only 8 digital marketing agencies in the country that are a Google Premier Partner, a Meta Partner, and a Shopify Plus Partner Agency.
  55. You know your business. We know Shopify Plus.
  56. A full-service Shopify development company
  57. the premier shopify plus agency for ambitious brands.
  58. A Shopify Plus & BigCommerce Agency. Ecommerce expertise beyond expectation.
  59. We blend the creative and the commercial to build websites that showcase brands and sell products
  60. We design, build and grow Shopify Plus stores that convert.
  61. We know Shopify (Like, a lot)
  62. Forging the future of ecommerce
  63. Studio for Digital Transformation in Prague & BerliN
  64. Where everything aligns.
  65. Building delightful, award-winning  experiences
  66. We build stunning online experiences
  67. A full-service ecommerce agency. Make commerce simple.
  68. Choose one. Choose All. End to end solutions for your business.
  69. Uncap the power of your ecommerce engine
  70. The Shopify Plus agency for high-growth brands.
  71. The Shopify Plus agency you’ll never look back from.
  72. The Shopify Plus agency for international brands.
  73. An established branding and design agency that specializes in luxury developments, hospitality, sports, consumer goods, and lifestyle brands. We use expert collective thinking to ensure that the brands and experiences we create are exciting, meaningful, and timeless.

We clearly have work to do as an industry.

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