Reflections on what it means to build a people-first organization

As I strive at Lucid to build a healthier, people-first organization, I have been reflecting on some core principles of building a great team.

What are we doing to…

  1. build a high-functioning team?
  2. improve the emotional intelligence of our team?
  3. ensure each and every one of the team feels valued?
  4. promote a healthy work/life balance?
  5. improve efficiency and profitability?
  6. encourage healthy communication?
  7. ensure we consistently do great work?
  8. enable our teammates to bring their best selves to work?
  9. practice being kind but firm?
  10. lead with expertise?

The flip-side to all of the above is just as important: what are we doing (whether inadvertently or not) to PREVENT these things? Or, what are we NOT doing to encourage these things?

I’m curious: what questions should we be asking individuals in our upwards, downwards, and self reviews to unlock areas where we are falling short?

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