Webinar: How to Stay Nimble as a DTC Brand

I was invited by the wonderful Gorgias* partner team to give a quick talk on how to stay nimble as a DTC brand as part of their excellent DTCX series.

I am quite happy with the overall direction the talk took but wish I had had more time.

I was aware, as I was preparing the content, that I was drifting away from a purely tactical take on how to stay nimble—and into a deeper look at how to develop and nurture more of a nimble mindset in company teams.

I’ve been thinking a lot about (and increasingly sharing my thoughts on) the concept of “mindsets.”

I talk often about a “first-principles mindset”—and I am intrigued to see how the concept of nimbleness is evolving into a mindset concept for me, also. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Anyway, presenting and speaking publicly don’t come naturally to me—and I crammed way too much into way too short of a time. (I don’t think I realized how little time I would have after intros and before Q&A.)

So, it’s more than a little rushed, which is a shame. But I hope there are some helpful takeaways.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


I am considering doing this webinar again—perhaps taking an hour this time—if anyone is interested.

I have also been asked if I would run it as a workshop for brand teams. I am open to that, too, if there is interest. Let me know.

*Full disclosure that this is an affiliate link—as I am an official Gorgias Partner through Lucid. But, I would not link out or promote them if I wasn’t a big fan! Gorgias is hands-down the best-in-class help desk platform for ecommerce brands on Shopify.

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