The holy grail of todo apps/services

TeuxDeux, Flow, Wunderlist, Things, Do….

There are many excellent todo apps to make our lives easier and help us get things done. But, let’s face it, we all have our preferred apps and there really is no winner in this crowded space.

I have tried most of them and they all have their advantages and disadvantages and, I’ve found, the reality is I simply don’t use any of them regularly and stick with simple notes and reminders.

Even harder than committing oneself to sticking with a particular app is getting my team to agree on the best app for managing tasks and todos amongst ourselves.

Which has lead me to an idea—the holy grail of todo apps.

A sync service that joins all the major apps (those with APIs) so that people can use whichever app they prefer and still assign and delegate tasks to each other regardless of which app the other person is using.

We are in a time now where it’s no longer about apps and services but about how we join them together. No one app will serve all our needs. We need to use multiple. And no single app will work for everyone.

So, if anyone wants to build a service to unite todo apps, let me know. I’ll jump on board immediately. I even have a name for it. Todos. In addition to it’s obvious English meaning, it means all in Spanish. Seems fitting.

What do you think?

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