Growing faster and more sustainably on Shopify by adopting a “low-code mentality”

Despite all the best intentions, meticulous discovery, thoughtful design, and careful planning, how many ecommerce brands find themselves 6–12 months after launch of a new or refreshed site in a spiraling cycle of technical debt and increasing maintenance overhead?

Unless you invest heavily in continual optimization, which most brands don’t, even with the best-built themes and foundational frameworks, it’s inevitable that you will end up with redundant code, reducing performance, and an increasingly cumbersome or complex site. You will find your team spending more time agonizing over the shape of your buttons, the design of your banners, the size of the headings, and the color of your “zebra stripes”, and increasingly less time on the content, imagery, customer journeys, acquisition, conversion, and retention.

Unless you are relentlessly disciplined and focused on data-driven decisions—as opposed to whims and personal preferences—over time, the layers upon layers of improvements and half-realized experiments will lead to your growth being increasingly linked to mounting paid media spend and less to organic growth.

The costs of acquisition and continual improvements will continue to rise until you inevitably reinvest heavily in a major refresh—and the cycle will continue.

Surely, there is a better way.

For ecommerce brands launching for the first time, redesigning, rebasing or refreshing, or replatforming to Shopify, we are exploring a new approach to helping you design, build, and grow faster, more nimbly, and more sustainably on Shopify.

If you’ve been struggling with this downward spiral of technical debt or this sounds interesting, I’d love to hear from you. Reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn or send me an email.

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