Are you wearing too many hats in your organization?

How many Ecommerce Managers for D2C brands have the luxury of being able to focus solely on managing the online store?

Or, how many of you wear the hat of “ecommerce manager” on top of your official title—such as COO, CMO, CTO, Marketing Manager, Designer, Founder, CEO…?

You are not alone.

Most growing brands delegate the running of their online store to a team member who already has a tremendous number of other responsibilities.

This might be natural in the early days of a new, direct-to-consumer startup with a lean team in a high-growth-potential market with an authentic, compelling product.

But, as the brand grows, managing the ecommerce site rapidly becomes a full-time job!

It’s important that brands recognize this and hire a team around their ecommerce managers, so they can focus on the things that really matter—such as managing and delegating and coordinating—rather than having to become experts in every aspect of building and maintaining and growing the store.

With all the moving parts of a growing ecommerce brand, the role of Ecommerce Manager is crucial to the growth and success of the business and leaders need to recognize this as they nurture and grow their teams.

An Ecommerce Manager needs to have a team around them—and the trust and authority from above to lead that team. Because managing a growing ecommerce brand takes more than just one person—especially if that person already has other responsibilities as well.

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