I’m a graphic designer, web developer, creative director, and Shopify Expert.

I am passionate about working on projects that make a positive difference. I get excited about community-building and collaboration and love working with people that inspire me.

While I tend to wear many hats, my energy is focused on my role as Founder & Creative Director of Lucid, a small design and development agency.

I am from Nelson, New Zealand but currently live in New York City with my wife and three children.

At the moment, I’m mainly working on…

Lucid, Founder & Creative Director

Creative graphic design and web development agency with offices in Nelson, New Zealand and New York City, USA. Lucid is one of the world’s leading Shopify Experts.

The Bridge Street Collective, Creator & Trustee

Not-for-profit coworking space in Nelson, New Zealand.

The Foodbank Project, Creator & Advisor

Not-for-profit online grocery store where all items purchased are donated to Salvation Army food banks around New Zealand.

Tiny Feedback, Creator & Developer

Simple, elegant web app for individuals and companies to gather and discuss feedback, questions, feature requests, and issues without the overhead and complexity of larger help desk platforms.

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