New window art brightens quake-prone building

Graphic artist Klaasz Breukel with his window display on Bridge Street.  Alden Williams/Fairfax NZ

Graphic artist Klaasz Breukel with his window display on Bridge Street. Alden Williams/Fairfax NZ

A chance meeting in a cafe and a mutual desire to bring life to an empty building has led to a quirky new window artwork on Nelson's Bridge St. 

Graphic designer Klaasz Breukel designed the window art work after bumping into Bridge St Collective coordinator Galen King in the collective's cafe. King was looking to do something artistic with the building next door, which had recently been vacated because it did not meet earthquake requirements.

The finished work is titled 'The Kiss of Bridge Street'.

"It brings a lot more to Bridge St than just an empty window, I think we already have quite a few empty windows around Nelson so it's quite positive for people to do something artistic with the empty spaces," said Breukel. 

King said there were no finalised plans for the empty building, but he hoped it would be in use by the end of the year. 

"The art work came about because we had this big vacant building that's gong to be sitting there for a little while so we thought we may as well do something interesting with it," said King. 

"It's a bit of a coincidence that it say's 'pow' on it when (part of) the building is probably gong to be demolished."

King said he was looking to expand the Bridge St Collective co-working space into part of the property after earthquake repairs. The space could be used for business groups rather than just individuals. 

"We can see that we don't cater very well to teams of more than two or three people," he said. 

"We really have seen a win from people working in the co-working space because you kind of automatically inherit a eam-culture."